Frequently Asked Questions About Professional Landscape Installation Services

Commercial business owners and property managers strive for healthy lawns and landscapes to enhance the appearance of their property. Those who are constructing new buildings often hire a experienced Landscape Installation Lakeland area company to ensure immaculate results. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn important information about hiring a professional company for landscape installation services.

What can customers expect when they hire a professional company for landscape installation?

Professional companies that offer landscape installation perform a variety of services, such as planting trees, sodding, flower bed arrangement, mulching and hedge row placement. Before beginning any project, a landscape diagram is designed according to the specifications of the customer. The landscape professional works closely with the customer to offer recommendations based on the type of design that’s desired and the layout of the property.

Depending on the condition of the soil, landscape professionals may need to add fertilizer or supplements if the soil lacks important nutrients including nitrogen, potassium or phosphorus. Soil tests can determine the kinds and amounts of nutrients that are needed. Drainage issues are also addressed at this stage and resolved if necessary.

How long does it take for a professional company to complete a landscape installation?

The time that’s required for a landscaping company to complete a project depends on the landscape design and the size of the property. Landscapes that incorporate numerous trees, flowers or shrubs will take longer to complete than simple landscape designs. Any soil or drainage issues that need to be addressed before the actual landscaping begins will also slow down the project.

The completion date of a professional landscaping installation may have to be extended if the weather doesn’t cooperate. A heavy rain can prevent a landscaping company from working on the project for several days if the ground is too wet and muddy. A landscape installation and Lawn Maintenance Lakeland area professional company will begin the project with an expected completion date and notify the customer if there’s a delay.

Contact the professionals for expert property maintenance and lawn care services for home owner associations, communities and commercial properties. This company also specializes in sod installation, pest management, irrigation services, power washing and parking lot striping.


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